Tower clocks are especially made for outdoor locations suitable for Public or Private buildings, schools, universities, memorials, churches, mosques, etc.

Tower Clocks
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Travelling back in history it was through Tower clocks that most of the common people were able to access the time. Wrist watches – mainly pocket watches were accessible primarily by the elite. Today, even with the easy accessibility of wrist watches and mobile telephones, the beauty of an outdoor clock cannot be surpassed. A reminder of simpler times, Tower clocks are not only functional but highly aesthetic.

For over 90 yearsEastern Watch has been a leader in the specialized tower clocks and watches. For close to a century now we have been renowned manufacturers of tower clocks from Mumbai, India ! Our wide range of indoor and outdoor clocks vary from Tower clocks, Building clocks, Street clocks, Floral clocks, Floor clocks,  & Wall clocks. We focus on designing unique outdoor clocks. Each of our Tower clocks, Building clocks, or Post clocks are all customized to our client’s specifications. We manufacture tower clocks in Mumbai, India for any location, in any size.

We have successfully been developing our own brand of stepper movements for unique functional clocks & multiple complication outdoor clocks, such as Zodiac dial clock and Moonphase dial clocks. 

Though we construct our own movements we do collaborate with leading German & Japanese manufacturers for component parts and even entire mechanisms whenever the project requires. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of Tower clocks in Mumbai, India